March 26, 2009

The Windy City and Some Updates

We're on our way to Chicago today. Our friend, Jeff, is getting married and both Colin and Elizabeth are in the wedding. We're looking forward to a fun weekend! My mom is coming to help with the kids and we'll be visiting with her side of the family on Sunday; she grew up a couple of hours south of the city.

Here are some things that have been happening around here:

1. I got these boots. They're made by Keen. I love them!

We're taking our first family hike on April 25 with 2 other families. Colin and I were just about to get "all outdoorsy" when I got pregnant with Elizabeth, and it never happened. This is take 2, five years later.


2. This stroller will arrive today, after we're already at the airport. I desperately wanted to be able to get around with both kids and without the car this summer. Colin supported the decision, so we went for it!


3. Reading lessons with Elizabeth are on hiatus. She was having a hard time sitting still and staying focused during the lessons. I would get frustrated and speak harshly to her. She'd shut down even more. I would apologize and try to be kinder. It was this LONG cycle every day trying to make it through the lessons. So, I offered her the choice to take a break or split the lessons up throughout the day. We're taking a break for right now.

I think what really got me frustrated was that she knew how to read the stuff, she'd just dilly-dally and goof around (because she's 4! I know.) But I knew that if she'd just read it, it would be over sooner. That's a bit abstract for her to understand, I think.

I'm glad we're taking a break; it's nice not to have 20-30 minutes of self-imposed frustration for both of us every day. Though I do feel like a failure for getting angry almost every time we had a lesson recently. We'll try again in a couple months, and we'll keep up reading the sounds she already knows on signs and in books. I came across a list of "sight words" that kids need to memorize, because they don't fit with any rules. Maybe I'll make a game out of learning those ... one where she can jump, kick, or spin, rather than sit still and practice.

1 comment:

  1. doubles are the best...if you want to be cambridge cool call it a duallie. i am jealous of your swivel wheel!

    i think you are already a great teacher, noticing that your student is not interested in reading and not forcing the issue (especially since she is young). now, if she were 10 and not wanting to read that would be a totally different issue!

    have fun on your trip! get some miles on those boots before hiking :)