March 11, 2009

Speaking My Love Language

A few weeks before we left for Pittsburgh, my dear husband announced that we would be spending one night away from our children to take advantage of the local free babysitting, gramma and grandpa. Wow! I was surprised, excited, feeling loved, everything you might imagine! So, thanks to Colin, our supportive parents, and Jenny's pump, we were able to get away.

We stayed at The Priory in the North Side of Pittsburgh. We were in room 201; if you're interested in seeing it, there are photos on the website. The ones I took really weren't that great. Also, if you ever visit Pittsburgh, you might enjoy a night or two there. It's a renovated monastery and has the charm of a European inn.

Here we are at breakfast:

We got to walk around the North Side. An interesting experience. It's a place that you can see was once a hopping metropolitan area, but now there are at least as many boarded up, abandoned buildings as there are functioning businesses. We walked, and walked, and walked up Federal Street (a large hill, Pittsburgh is very hilly) to see a house we'd seen online. Turns out the house was less than it seemed from the pictures and the area was very depressed and rundown, but this was in the back yard of the neighboring house:

There was a great view of the city from the top of the hill.

We will soon move back to Pittsburgh. We've been eying houses online, thinking about what life will be like there, and also talking about what we'll miss about Cambridge. It was so wonderful to have some time together to explore a part of the city neither of us knew well and have uninterrupted conversation throughout.

Thank you, husband, for this special treat!


  1. I love that my pump got a shout-out in this post. I'm so glad you had a nice time!