March 17, 2009


She did it, folks. Elizabeth can now spell her name! We're really proud of her.

This is her goal chart, a concept from Joy School, where you color in the circle bit by bit as you work toward the goal.

And what's even cooler, is that because she learned to spell it at this age*, she can also write it as she spells.

*If you want to be kind to your future children, give them names like John and Anna. :)


  1. yea! elizabeth is a lot to handle; henry got off easy:) at least her last name won't be so hard...

  2. as a past kindergarten teacher i thought a lot about the length of the name - hannah only has to learn 3 letters to write her name and kate will have a whopping 4 (unless she is ambitious and wants to go for catherine).

    i had one little boy named alexander that would write a-l-e-x-a then he would pause and try to figure out what was next, have that light bulb moment and write l-e-x never writing the "ander" part. it looked like this:
    alexalexalexalexalex... until he got to the end of the page and even if he was at an "e" the end of the page meant to stop and he would never stop before the end of the page. i hope that in his second year of kindergarten he mastered the "ander" part of his name.

  3. Elizabeth--I am so proud of you!!! i don't think I could spell my name when i was 4!