March 1, 2009

Why Do We Buy Toys?

Below, Brian is playing with an empty baby food container. I'm thinking about making blocks out of these. We have too many and they're non-recyclable.

Other things Brian enjoys, just to name a few:
  • plastic baby spoons
  • big soup ladle
  • plastic step stool in the kitchen
  • sippy cups
  • E's rocking chair
  • our desk chair (a folding chair)
  • remotes
  • boxes of any shape and size
What are your kids' favorite non-toys?


  1. plastic spoons and water bottles were always popular with my boys. pretty much anything that could be gnawed and drooled on!

  2. coasters, water, paper (this one is huge with kate!) pens, pencils - if it's a non-toy they generally want it. whereas the cute pink toy that makes noises galore sent for some grandparent sits in the corner totally neglected. i'm glad to hear that my kids aren't the only ones who do that. :)

  3. There also great to put jello, applesauce, and pudding in. We have a bunch we saved for when we take lunch or snacks to go.

  4. Oh and Luka loves our Kitchen Chairs..who needs walkers thats how he learned how to walk.

  5. Kate, I just realized last week that they would be great jello containers. And perhaps Brian will use our chairs as walkers. Good idea!

    Sarah, Brian likes paper too, but he's gotten good at biting himself pieces to eat. So that "toy" has been eliminated for him. :)

    Thanks for your comments ladies. I think it's funny to see the variety of things our kids enjoy and to know how kids must have "survived" before all the toys!