November 28, 2018

Live Alive {Day 28}: Tell the Story

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Today's post is simple.  Alive people tell the story of what God has done in their life: they tell it in word; they tell it in deed.  Their whole lives are an expression of joy and thanksgiving to God, even through hard circumstances and pain, (shockingly).  Quite naturally, alive people offer Life to those around them.

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As we walk, alive, with the Lord, we start to look like this too.  Faith overcomes fear more often.  Joy sneaks into places in our hearts where it's never dwelt before.  Hope invades the dark corners of our minds and transforms our thinking.  Love fills us up with security that surprises us with its comfort and reassurance that perhaps, no, indeed(!), "it is well with my soul."

I wonder if you are familiar with the hymn, I Love to Tell the Story.
Here's a link to a beautiful a capella version, if you'd like to listen.
I love to tell the story
of unseen things above,
of Jesus and his glory,
of Jesus and his love.
I love to tell the story,
because I know 'tis true;
it satisfies my longings
as nothing else can do.
I love to tell the story,
'twill be my theme in glory,
to tell the old, old story
of Jesus and his love.
2 I love to tell the story;
'tis pleasant to repeat
what seems, each time I tell it,
more wonderfully sweet.
I love to tell the story,
for some have never heard
the message of salvation
from God’s own Holy Word. [Refrain]
3 I love to tell the story,
for those who know it best
seem hungering and thirsting
to hear it, like the rest.
And when in scenes of glory
I sing the new, new song,
'twill be the old, old story
that I have loved so long. [Refrain]

People love stories and are shaped by them.  The story of redemption is the best story every written!  As alive people share the story, it becomes sweeter and sweeter to them.  Remembering drives us to rejoice and also makes us long for more people to hear it and have the opportunity to respond.

Lord, make the story of your love so wonderful to us that we cannot help but share it! Amen

Tell the old, old story!
(Leave it up to the Lord to turn hearts to Him; if He saved you and me, anything's possible!)
Heather 💛

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