September 23, 2011

A Wedding Weekend

We traveled to Illinois - my birth state and my mamma's homeland -
to attend my cousin's wedding last weekend.
Here's an overview in photos.

Snacking and stretching and pumping gas at a rest area mid-drive

The Pittsburgh cousins on the sofa in my Aunt Nelda's house in Kankakee.
She fed us a great dinner!

Saturday's sunrise over Wal-Mart; Brian wanted a picture.

Later Saturday morning we headed to Pontiac and Saunemin,
where my Gramma used to live.
Things have changed a bit since I was last there!
lunch at Wendy's
on the front porch of Gramma's apartment building

The field behind the apartment - sadly it was not corn this year.
I'd hoped the kids would be able to run through the rows.
A new quickie-mart/gas station.  This took me by surprise!

Saturday afternoon, Nate and Holli were wed.  I didn't take pictures of the ceremony (because they never turn out very nicely) but it was a beautiful service.  Christian marriages are so special and sacred.  What made this event particularly profound is that Holli is deaf and the entire ceremony was signed.  The most touching time was when silent vows were taken, as they signed to one another what the pastor directed them what to "say" to each other.

 My husband likes to photo bomb me; he is not funny.

The picture there on the left is so hilarious to me ... should we have a caption contest? 

My beautiful sister and her handsome husband.

 Yum, dinner!

It was one serious wedding party!  This is their table, followed by pictures of the gorgeous bride and groom.

Brian participated in the throwing of the garter;
he stood like that the entire time.

The children at the wedding (and there were many) had a great time dancing.
Brian has some moves, people.  If I get my act together, I'll post a video.

Sunday morning we breakfast-ed with the family and then hit the road for home.
Brian was a bit wiped out by the end of the drive.

Congratulations Nate and Holli!
May God bless you with many years together, as you navigate the ups and downs of life as a team.
We wish you much happiness and were so glad to be with you!