September 27, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

Saturday was a day like this.

So we headed to the orchard.

Who knows?  It could rain every Saturday morning for the rest of the season.
One must take advantage.

Funnily, Colin thinks that the guy who took this pic for us works in his building.

We'll be eating this guy, but I couldn't resist a photo before making him mine.

 Simmons Farm has much more than apple picking,
like this "corn box" for the kiddies.
Super cool.
 I wish they had a giant one for parents.

The other thing I appreciate about this farm is that from the apple picking, the farm store (where you can play in the corn), and a little animal petting area with goats, chickens and sheep, you can't see all of the rest of the stuff that costs additional money: hay rides, slides, mazes, etc., etc.  The kids can enjoy what we go to do without feeling like they're missing out on something better.

We've made some applesauce and a cobbler with our stash.  I really love the fall season and can't wait to pick more apples next year.  Next up, pumpkins.  But we're going to wait until we're a little closer to Halloween.

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