September 30, 2011

31 Days

I learned from my friend Kit, that one of her blog-world friends, Emily, is hosting a 31 days of writing in the month of October, to become better writers and to discover the things that make us come alive, with the end of effecting change and/or inspiring others.  It's a little funny that it comes in advance of NaBloPoMo, but so it is.  The point is to write about a single theme through the month.    I like this idea (and the faith challenge - do I believe God can give me a month worth of regular writing to His glory?) of participating.

So now, with very little time before the beginning of October (um, yeah, it starts tomorrow), plans to be out of town this weekend, and no idea what I actually "know" about life, I'm considering participating.  I'm considering mostly because I'm in the process of little-by-little developing my writing and speaking and the Lord seems to be placing things in my path to do at just the "right" time to keep me from giving up.  After the retreat Saturday, life slows down - no more travel, no more big commitments - so perhaps this is His next work for me to do to move toward one little part of a calling I feel He's given me.

Would you like to participate to?  Check it out!  People are writing about topics from crafts to budgeting, from grief to changing the world.  I only wish I had time to read them all ... .

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I've decided.  Whether I do or not, I'm sure that reading what God's given Kit to say will be a blessing to you - so hop over to her blog to keep up.  I'm dying to know her topic!

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