September 27, 2011

A Family Birthday Trio

One week every September, our family has the privilege of celebrating three special people.  I call them mom, Michelle (sister), and Michelle (sister-in-law).  Now that we are settled into our own place in Pittsburgh, I had the joyous honor of hosting their party so none of them were left with a messy home at the end of the celebration.  It was a wonderful time.  The jury is still out on whether it's the seven kids under seven OR the lively, opinionated, adult political conversations that are louder when we gather together!  (We may need to get an outside opinion.)

 For Michelle SIL, it was #30.  Oh no, it's on the internet; razz her if you know her!

Getting the kids settled with their mac 'n cheese before we enjoyed our meal,
in the room next door.  :)

The "cake" - my first pumpkin roll.
And a pie made by Marie Calendar.

The cousins enjoyed A LOT of playing together.

The ladies all opened their gifts.
My dad is a clown and "mistakenly" got my mom an 85 card for her 58th.
Isn't he funny?

The littlest ones kept us talking about how cute they are!

My dad - the silly one that I mentioned above - also brought a small cake and three different colors of candles, one for each of the birthday girls.  This cake had 117 candles on it.  It ended up being much less dangerous than expected, but Colin had the fire extinguisher out just in case.  The kids loved licking the icing off the bottoms of all of those candles!

Happy birthdays you special women.  Thank you for the ways you have and do make my life better and funner.  I hope this is the beginning of many parties just for you three in our home!

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  1. It was a great night!!! Thank you for
    Making it so much fun! Can there be anything
    More fun than a rousing poltical discussion?????
    Can't stop those capital "m's"...hummmmmm.