July 23, 2011

Northern Ireland: Travel and Bangor

Our little world travelers with their pillow pet friends!

Meet Finn, he and our kids entertained each other while we waited in Newark during a 2.5 hour delay - making for a midnight departure to Belfast.  These photos were taken after arriving; the kids all slept quite well.

Aunt Winnie picked us up from the airport, fed us some food at her place, and then we headed to Bangor, a beautiful little coastal/resort town where Aunt Mina and Uncle Maurice (pronounced Morris) hosted us for a few quiet days while we worked through the jet lag.  They have a gorgeous garden and Bangor is such a wonderful town.  I could definitely summer there!

Colin photo bombing; he is not funny.

We went into Bangor for the afternoon.  It rained for a while, so we got fish 'n chips, chocolate, and poked around at some shops until we could get over to Pickie Park to ride the train and swan boats.  It cleared up just perfectly for us to enjoy some of the local fun.

I have never seen so many ride-on things in one mall as in Bangor.
This particular one was IN the grocery store!

Colin's just a little heaver than Brian.

Elizabeth was great help with the pedaling, and she even got the hang of the steering!

That's how we began our visit in Northern Ireland!
Stay tuned for more.

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