July 18, 2011

Returning Soon!

Good morning!

This is our final day in Northern Ireland, my in-laws homeland.  (If you're a bad at geography as I am, Northern Ireland is not simply the northern part of the Republic of Ireland, it's a separate country - part of the United Kingdom.  I didn't know this until I met Colin.  You may mock my lack of world knowledge; I can take it, because it's true.)

Anyway, we have had a wonderful time - good family visits and lots of sight seeing.  Posts will be forthcoming, once we're home, settled, and photos have been uploaded.  I intentionally didn't bring a laptop along this trip and have not looked at Facebook.  It's been wonderful!

That said, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you all.  If you'd like to see some photos of our time in Scotland with Anne, click over to Homeschool on the Croft.  And if you're ever near the Isle of Lewis (this is supposed to be funny - look at the map), let her know you're coming; she and her family are fun to be with and lovely hosts ... and the island is beautiful!

My only international travel recommendation from this trip: if you're in your first trimester, stick to relaxing beach vacations on the Mediterranean or the French Riviera - this trip has nearly wiped me out!  

Till the next post, peace be yours.

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