July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We've spent the 4th of July doing the usual to observe this most wonderful of holidays:

packing carry-ons and suitcases,

cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming,

 cleaning refrigerators. 

Is that not the way that you're spending your day?

Traveling across the ocean (ironically, to the land from which "we" sought our freedom in 1776!) the day after Independence Day means we won't be celebrating much in the usual way.  But Colin did suggest reading the Declaration of Independence - a serious vocabulary, as well as history, lesson.  And we just listened to the Adventures in Odyssey audio show The Day Independence Came.  (It's a good one, by the way; we got it a couple of years ago and listen to it each 4th.)

I hope you are having a fun time of relaxation and celebration wherever you are today!


  1. safe travels!! hope you all have a fun time!

  2. Hmph.... your loss.

    Er, or maybe not!

    See you soon! Eeek!