December 31, 2010

TODAY: MomHeart Conference Early Registration Deadline

If you want to join me (and many other women) in North Carolina for the MomHeart conference with Sally Clarkson March 4-5, click here to register.  It's $20 off the registration fee through today!  $10 off before February 18!

I've never been, but have heard wonderful things about these conferences.  Here's more info:

I'm still looking for at least one more person to share a room.  I'd love to take someone from Pittsburgh along!  Could it be you?!  (I already have a commitment from a friend in Boston; oh yeah!!!!)

My hope is that we can get Sally to come closer to Pittsburgh in the coming years or even teleconference to keep down costs.  Who knows what the future holds?

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  1. Oh I wish.....!
    Have a very blessed New Year you are yours x