December 3, 2010

Dear Santa

While I was passed out on the other side of the bed during Elizabeth's rest time today, she wrote some letters.  One was to Santa Claus.

Here's the translation:  

To Santa Claus.
I like all your Christmas presents. 
Love, Elizabeth Ashe

I think that's one of the sweetest letters I've ever seen!  I was snooping to learn what she was hoping to get for Christmas and she just wrote something nice to jolly old St Nick.

Now, where do we mail this thing?!


  1. That is a great "phonics child" letter! We, on your recommendation, are using Bob books with Trent. At first, he was really struggling with them and I realized it was because they are handwritten, not typed. I don't teach any handwriting till they are reading fluently or showing interest, so he couldn't read handwritten "a's." My boys were not ready for writing at 5, but after about 1 1/2 yrs. of reading, Luke picked up handwriting in a week. Thought Brian may appreciate me passing on this "teaching boys" tip to you:) AND I got my BOOK today:)!!! Thank you- first few pages were great!jenny

  2. That is wonderful, Heather. What a joy to you as a mom. Don't you love having children to enjoy Christmas with? Merry Christmas, dear friend.