December 7, 2010

A Winter Tradition

It has snowed and that meant it was time for our annual snowflake cutting!  This is our second year doing this on the first snow of the year.  Colin and I weren't actually here for the first snow, but we did get to it within the week.  We cut snowflakes, drink hot chocolate, and use the flakes to decorate the house.

This is the only flake Brian made.
He drank all of his hot chocolate.
Colin only makes flakes with true-to-nature 6-fold symmetry;
he doesn't make many, but they are VERY high quality.

We hung them int he entry along the stairs
and a couple above the doorway.

Happy winter to you all!  For many of you, I know the thought of it almost brings you to tears.  Remember, the spring will come, it always does.

And it's just that much more glorious, because we've know the winter.

Redemption, hope, and new life, whispers of the gospel even in creation!


  1. I love the winter! I especially love around October time when the nights are getting darker and the winter 'feel' begins. I love the coziness of it all.....
    Your snowflakes are gorgeous. I think I spotted some of the really 'high quality' ones! Imagine all snowflakes being different. Creation certainly does speak of our God, in so many aspects. x

  2. what a fun snow tradition! it's hard to put snowflakes or other snow decoration in the house when it's 50 in the morning and warms up to 80 during the just seems wrong...