December 20, 2010

Winter, Christmas, Joy ... But No Motivation!

It has been too long!

I'm still alive, taking care of the usual things of life and not getting to blogging.  With the arrival of cold weather and the Christmas season, I find myself unmotivated to do anything extra.  I'm not depressed, just ready to snuggle up and hunker down for Christmas vacation (though it's never really a "vacation" with small children) and ringing in the new year.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I want life to be quiet, reflective, and calm as we approach Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning (which will likely begin WAY too early, as if normal mornings don't already!)

In addition to the excitement of the season, we're also moving the first week of January!  We found our own place in the neighborhood where we attend Community Group.  For the last six months we have been living with my very patient and generous in-laws, reigning down chaos on their formerly peaceful home and lives.  They have been wonderful examples to us of hospitality (rearranging schedules and living spaces JUST for us to feel comfortable.)  It has kept us from going into the hole in the transition from graduate school to "real" life.  We are VERY grateful.  I can only hope we can return the favor, or at least do the same for our children when they're all "growed up."

I've thought very little about moving, other than to think that I should be thinking about it!  But these things always happen whether you're ready or not, right?  What I'm most excited about is living near other folks from church and ministering in that area of Pittsburgh.  I've been thinking about the verse Taste and see that the Lord is good.  (Psalm 34 and also in 1 Peter)  My prayer is that both neighbors that know Jesus an those who don't would taste and see that the Lord is good.

As Christmas approaches, whatever you have going on, I do pray that God's peace would reign in your heart and your homes, that joy would permeate your thoughts and prayers, and that the love that motivated Christ to come would envelop you.


  1. what an exciting change - I'm sure your in-laws will miss the pitter-patter! I'm excited to hear how this adjustment to the new neighborhood goes!

  2. Great news about a place for you guys! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Heather!

    ps. I totally get the "don't want to's" as winter rolls in... :)

  3. congrats on the upcoming exciting and so much work. it will be great for you and the kids when you finally feel settled in your new place!!

    also, are those christmas wreath cookies? we'd love the recipe :)

  4. Sarah, here's the link to the recipe I used. Use pam on your hands for sure!!! I LOVE these cookies; but it's the first time I've made them.

    Merry Christmas!