October 14, 2010

Hide and Seek

Can anyone find the beaver in this picture?

I can't see him either, but I know he was there when I took the photograph!

The Pittsburgh Zoo has this cute little beaver family that we saw first when they were itty-bitty babies. Now they're all as big as mama and papa. I told the kids this was probably the dad up on the stairs, trying to get some peace and quiet!

We stuck to the Kid's Kingdom on this visit. We pet some goats and enjoyed watching a very friendly sea lion.

My favorite part, though, was that big, fat beaver grooming himself (herself?) alone at the top of those stairs. Aren't we parents always trying to find a little corner in which to be alone? :)


  1. That beaver photo is just the cutest thing ever! Fabulous!
    Love, Anne x

  2. Those seals look so fun! They can be so playful!

  3. totally...this morning i was getting putting on make-up before church with two little girls stepping on my toes and asking for some too. oh, for a mommy corner!!

    love the seal exhibit by the way!! so cool!!