October 12, 2010

This Guy ...

... has been giving me a run for my money these days.

Brian has been getting into things and into trouble!

My favorite story from the week: Yesterday he drew on a wall (a little) right after I'd told him not to uncap the marker and while I was standing right next to him. After a timeout I told him he had to help me clean up. I sprayed "disolv-it" on the lines and while I was wiping it up he, cheerfully and proudly, sprayed me in the face with the solution. He was so excited he knew how to make the bottle spray. Oh dear. (He was not disciplined for that, because there was no disobedience or malicious intent.)

He's a dear boy and I do love him so. Seriously, the overwhelming affection takes me by surprise sometimes. But there are also times I look forward to being able to leave him alone in a room for more than thirty seconds, and trust no disasters will have occurred! What age will that be, exactly?!


  1. Oh, this all sounds so familiar. This too shall pass, but I do try and remember that the sweet 2-only moments will also pass, and that I'll be sad to let those goes.

    Love the image you getting sprayed in the face. Not because I delight in your suffering, but I can just totally imagine it. And his delight in figuring out how to use the spray bottle. And having no idea he just blinded his mother.

  2. i'm still waiting to be able to leave h bomb alone for a period of time...i think when the time comes to leave the girls in the house by themselves i will leave kate in charge of hannah!

    hang in there, and keep thinking about his heart and intentions of what he is doing. you are an awesome mommy!!