October 10, 2010

Apple Pie Anyone?

We went apple picking yesterday! Simmons Farm, in the south hills of Pittsburgh, has it all: apple & pumpkin picking, a store, a petting zoo, hay rides, etc. We got ourselves a couple pecks of apples, so each of the kids could have their own bag to carry. The varieties of choice: empire and jonagold. Both are crisp and delicious!

Later in the afternoon, Elizabeth and I prepared and baked our first pie together. (We've done pumpkin in the past, but I don't feel like it counts because I've always purchased the crust. This one was from scratch, start to finish!)

Some wonderful person has put together this site to walk you through making an apple pie. It's more elaborate than necessary for me, but the pictures and lists of necessary ingredients and tools are great for baking with a kid. We put a laptop on the table and went to work!

I'll say it again: Happy fall!