October 2, 2010

Appointments with God

My time with God is not just studying His word, it is every moment I am alive, opening the eyes of my heart, seeing Him, living in His grace, asking for His strength, resting in my limitations and His adequacy.

So whether tending to a sick child in the middle of the night with sleep deprivation, or nursing a sweet baby with a toddler pulling at your leg or praying and talking late into the night with a confused lonely teen, or just washing dishes and cooking one more time, it is an appointment with God, a time of worship, a place to celebrate His presence, because He is there, close to your heart and so longing for your companionship--you spending time with Him in the midst of it all!

-Sally Clarkson

You can read Sally's full post here.

I was so encouraged by this post this morning I wanted to pass along the final paragraphs. We do need to spend time with the Lord, getting to know Him through His word. But what a blessed reminder that He's also with us when we're not "doing quiet time."

He's present with us in our work and play, our waking and sleeping, our rising and sitting - Psalm 139. Praise God for His omnipresence!

Walk with Him today. In the words of Francis Shaeffer, He is the God who is there.

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  1. so encouraging!! there are so many days that i struggle to find time to sit and study God's word, and it is so great to hear that He is with me always in the midst of everything we are doing!