January 12, 2009

Little Boy Blue

I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy a little over 7 months ago. We knew we were having a little boy and his womb name became "Little Boy Blue." For a long time after he was born and we (finally) named him Brian, it was difficult for me to feel like that was his real name; he'd been my Little Boy Blue for 5 months. I think about this quite nostalgically. So much has changed in Brian's short 7 months of life outside the womb. Now he is most certainly our Brian and I've not referred to him as Little Boy Blue until today.

Before his birth, I didn't know what he looked like, and couldn't wait to find out! Now, I know what he looks like, but still know so little of what he will become. There's still so much mystery, so many things to learn over the years about who he is: what foods he'll like ... and hate, what kind of tantrums he'll throw, what interests he'll have, what will bring him joy, what gifts and talents he'll display. In that regard, he's still my very unknown Little Boy Blue. My sweet, cuddly (for now!), precious Little Boy Blue. And I'm loving every - well, almost every - moment that I have to get to know him!

Here we are! Thanks for snapping this photo, dad!


  1. He just gets cuter every day! I'm so glad to know him!

  2. Aw, thanks Jenny. And thanks for including me on your blog list. I have to add a list of blogs I lurk to my site. This blogger is a nice system; easy for the not-so-computer-literate folks, like me.