January 23, 2009

The World According to Elizabeth

Two short blurbs from conversations with Elizabeth in the last couple days:

1. We're having dinner, which includes green beans. I get frozen beans and microwave them for a quick dinner side dish. Elizabeth loves them, and the previous day had 2 helpings. This particular night, she was also devouring them. But in the middle of eating one she stopped and said, quite emphatically:

"Mom, don't buy these beans ever again." Then, putting her hands up in exasperation, she continued, "They are too ... JUICY!"

As I recall, she proceeded to eat the rest of her beans.

2. You may have noticed that a new president was installed this week. (If you didn't, we have a new president; his name is Obama.) Elizabeth has been paying attention in her 4 year old way. We watched some of the inauguration together and told her the names of the people on camera.

Yesterday we were at the library. She walked past a rack of newspapers then came running over to me and said, "Mom! I just saw a paper with Michelle and that new president on it!"

She'll do really well on all of the first lady questions in future history exams.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I am an active poster on a message board of moms who were due to have babies in October 2007, and the evening of the inauguration the hottest topic was a poll about the gold dress Michelle Obama wore: Frumpy or Fab? ;-)

  2. I love that she and the first lady are on a first name basis.