January 15, 2009

Saying good-bye, for now

For the 2nd time in my life, today I received the news that a Compassion child that I sponsor no longer qualifies/needs sponsorship. The first time around, it was great news. Anna Maria's family no longer needed support because they were able to financially support themselves. It was good news, but I cried in grief that our relationship was over and that it was so abrupt. I was not expecting the sponsorship to be terminated so soon.

This time, I had been mentally anticipating that my sponsorship with VerĂ³nica would end soon. She just turned 17, and I assumed it would end with her finishing school this or next year. As it turns out, she's gotten a job that conflicts with attending the Compassion institute, so she no longer qualifies for sponsorship. I am sad to "lose" her, but also very happy for her, that she's grown into a beautiful and responsible young woman. I imagine that she's working to do her part to support the family.

I've sponsored VerĂ³nica for ten years. It confounds me that it's been that long (and that I'm old enough for that to be true!) I will miss hearing from her and writing to her. But the most beautiful thing about this is that recently I had been wondering if she's a believer. The fellow confirmed this over the phone, without me even asking. God is good! So I will have to say good-bye in my final letter to her, but not eternally. We will one day worship the King, together, in the same place, not from different corners of the Earth. Hallelujah!!

And it is a new beginning! Colin pointed out that he "married into" this child. Now, as a family, we can adopt another child to love and support from afar. If you're interested in learning more about Compassion, check it out: http://www.compassion.com . They do amazing work on behalf of children around the world.

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