January 29, 2009

Joy School

This year, Elizabeth and I were invited to join an Joy School group. Joy School is a home-based preschool program that meets 2 mornings/week and is taught by the moms of the children participating. There are 5 children in our group, so I teach one week, every 5 weeks. The curriculum is creative, thorough, fun, and cheap! For more information about starting a group with your 3 or 4 year old, poke around here.

We're into our second semester and still loving it! I have been very pleased with the curriculum, both the content for Elizabeth and how easy it is to prepare for me. Lessons include: stories, art projects, activities, rest time, free play, snack, puppet shows, games, field trips, etc. The kids have a blast and the time flies by! Here are some pictures from our time together at our house this week.

Creative Movement with Streamers!

Cutting and Taping Fun!

Working on a group goal, a cleaning project!