March 27, 2012

An April Blog Series. Will You Join Me?

A few weeks after Katherine was born, I was texting with a friend who inquired about how I was doing.  I mentioned to her that I was amazed at how often I'd been interrupted by grace in the transition.  So many moments that could have led to despair - the extra days in the hospital, the challenge of a three year old with a new baby,  the messiness of my house, and my old fashioned sinfulness - were eclipsed by Spirit-whispers of forgiveness, hope, and grace.  The breath of life blowing away the stink of death.

A few mornings ago I thought, Hey, I should invite my readers to join me during the month of April in sharing stories of how God is interrupting their lives with grace!  I have this sneaking suspicion that the Lord is often doing this in our lives; He loves His children and wants to draw near to them.  But I wonder how often we miss His whispers because we're not listening for them.

My goal this April is to post an anecdote each day of a moment in which life was interrupted by grace.  Would you like to join me in giving testimony to God's work, to His love?

Bloggers, you'll be able to do this by linking up to a post on April first.  I've never done this before, so I'm sure we'll have some kinks to work out as we get started, but I would love to have you join me.  You don't have to post every day, but I do pray that as you apply yourself to hearing God's voice you find that you could have posted every day if you'd wanted to.

If you're not a blogger, I pray that by reading along with me and others, you'll be encouraged to seek and find moments in your days when God interrupts you with grace.  Perhaps you'll be able to share a story in the comments or, better, with a friend for their edification.

Wanna join in?  I sure hope you will!

Let's get interrupted by grace and see where God takes us!


  1. i'm totally interested, but i guess i don't know what it means to get interrupted by the phone, a kid, absolutely...but by grace? i;m interested in learning more and hearing how others are being interrupted by grace. it'd be great to see God anew in my daily life!

    1. Hey Sarah! It'd be so fun to have you join in. In my April 1 post I'll give some of an idea of what I mean by "interrupted by grace." It can take many forms. But the general idea, I think, is just seeing God in our days in the midst of the difficult, the mundane, the joys, the quiet, and the noise. :)

  2. looking forward to learning more...i'm always encouraged by your blog...and i never mentioned how much the heart softener post related to my life...thank God that He gave me such a forgiving husband!