March 6, 2012

Guest Post: Misty from Encouraging Hearts at Home

Here's another post that made me laugh nervously and nod in agreement because I've. totally. been. there.

Click What Not To Read, wives, engaged women, or women who would like to be married some day, for a post just for you!

My list is not the same as Misty's, yours won't be either, but my heart resonated with the sentiments shared.  Let's read the books written for us, beginning with the Scriptures.  I think meditating on I Corinthians 13 and asking the Lord to show us how it applies to YOU (in my case, ME) is a good place to start.  God will change you ... and just might transform your marriage in the process.

God bless you as you walk as one flesh with the spouse He's given you.  May the kingdom grow as a result of your unique union!

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