March 4, 2012

The Year-Long Month

When Elizabeth was born, my mother told me, "Heather, the first month feels like a year."  She was right.  And it holds true for subsequent children as well.  On Tuesday, we'll be three quarters of the way through, and man, I've been feeling the year-long-ness of it in the last few days.  So many fleeting moments where I wonder, Will my house ever be picked up again?  Will my kitchen eternally look like this?

Then I remind myself that Katherine is only 3 weeks old and, no, my house will not be a disaster forever, we're in a period of transition and right now resting and relating are more important than order and organization.

Speaking of relating, my mom left for Rwanda on Thursday.  She arrived safe and sound; thanks if you said a prayer for her!  Before she left, we had a family dinner together last Sunday afternoon and she had little gift bags for each of the grandkids that contained stuffed animals they could cuddle when they miss her and my dad.  All of the kids loved their little treats!

Katherine has a great routine, (thanks Baby Wise!)  But despite the fact that she only eats every 3 hours, I've hit the point where I kinda groan when it's time to feed her.  Seriously, again?!  I think feeding is certainly a big part of why the first month feels like a year.  Currently, I spend one sixth of each day (24 hours) feeding this sweet little thing.  This is not complaining, just the reality of life with a newborn that will probably pass too quickly and then I'll miss it.  No.  I'll miss some aspects of it, like those displayed in the photos below:



This morning as I got ready for church, my heart swelled with joy at the thought that Katherine is now part of that community with us.  We get to take her to worship to introduce her to God and His people.  One day, I pray that God calls her to be His own and that she will be captivated by grace and never look back!

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  1. SHe's getting chubbier already!!! i love it!
    oh no.. papa is home for lunch.. It is so beautiful here today! Thanks for all the pictures!