March 11, 2012

Psalms & Psundays*

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change (Resources for Changing Lives)
I'm slowly making my way through Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands by Paul Tripp for a Sunday school class that I can no longer attend because baby girl nurses right at that hour.  But I will persevere and read it because, well, it's incredible reading material.  Can you see the subtitle?  People in Need of Change, Helping People in Need of Change.  Our pastor commented that the book is worth it just for that phrase.  At some point, when I've finished it (thanks for giving me accountability, readers!) I'll write more specifically about the book, but today as I read a chapter about loving people, I came across a paragraph worth sharing.  So, here you go; at this point in the chapter, Tripp is addressing the need to point a person in the midst of struggle to the God who is there and understands the trouble.

The Psalms are particularly helpful here.  I think the Psalms are in the Bible to keep us honest.  They remind us that living by faith is not easy.  The life of the believer is a daily war fought in our hearts, and the battles are dramatically depicted in the Psalms.  Again and again, the Psalms put words to the struggles of the people God sends my way.  But the Psalms do more.  They are not only dyed with human struggle, they are dyed with the presence of the Lord.  Again and again the remind us that we have hope, not because we are able and wise, or because circumstances are easy, but because God is our Father.  (p.130, emphasis mine)

As I thought about this paragraph, it occurred to me that Sunday does the same thing for me.  Sunday morning worship consists of many elements: praise & adoration through Scripture and song, confession, thanksgiving, & supplication through prayer, learning and challenge through the preached word, etc.  In the midst of worship with the people of God I'm reminded of both the human struggle and the presence of the Lord.  As with reading the Psalms, gathering with the people of God on Sunday morning for worship keeps me honest.  Worship certainly reminds me EVERY WEEK that I [only] have hope ... because God is my Father.


How did God use worship this morning to remind you that you have hope because God is your Father?  I pray that He did and that throughout this week the Spirit reminds you of that hope, especially in moments where you find yourself tempted to despair.

*Please forgive my for this ridiculous post title.  I just couldn't resist.  And those of you who know me well know that, well, I just. really. couldn't.  :)

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  1. Sunday our houseboy, who lives in a little tiny "shed" home behind our huge house... in Africa... came home after being at worship where he sings AND from a theological study in the afternoon on "How to Develop a
    closer Relationship with God." Just listening to this 30 yr. old, sweet spirited boy, yet man, was worshipful for me. NO matter what our circumstances, He calls us to himself and gives us hope. It was an amazing conversation filled with joy and love of the Lord! God is indeed our Father No matter who we are or where God has put us..