April 6, 2010

Boston Public Garden

Yesterday afternoon we went over to the Boston Public Garden to take in some of the early spring sights. There really weren't too many things blooming and the swan boat pond was still drained, but it was nice to be out in the warm weather! For those of you who are local, the swan boat rides start up again April 17, so the pond should be filled in the next week or so. We'll be heading back for a ride sometime soon!

The ducks had on their Easter hats!

The drained pond

Chasing bubbles!

Waving to the ducks

Watching the ducks

Ysterday was also the Pirate's home opener. They put on a good show for their fans, winning 11-5. Let's go Bucs!


  1. I love the pics! My favorite part about the last picture is E's choice of shoes...

  2. She couldn't find her other flipflop, so instead of wearing both slippers, she just put on one!