April 25, 2010

Family Fotos & Foreign Fame

I decided to copy my friend Linee and have Colin take some pictures of our family in front of the dome - a good keepsake from our time here. The weather yesterday was gorgeous and I needed a family photo for an application I was completing, so we took advantage and got some pictures.

It's common for tour groups to stop by the dome and get pictures. While we were getting set up, a large Chinese group came and the kids got mobbed to have their picture taken. It was hilarious. One dude even picked Brian up! Elizabeth ate it up and posed like she was a model. Our kids will be famous in some region of China. (For the record, I'm not saying they're Chinese because they looked Asian; they had a large group picture at one point and held up the flag of China. Can't get much clearer than that, huh?)


  1. That is so hilarious but sadly, not unexpected :)

  2. the pic of the two of them sitting in the grass is precious! hilarious about them getting their pics taken!

  3. too funny!! totally wish i would have thought of that before we left...i love the blue sky!! what a beautiful new england day!!