April 12, 2010

And It's Begun

Today is April 12.

We move out June 12.

Two more months. Two things that happened today:
  1. I was filling out a form for an event in August. I put Pittsburgh, PA as my city, state.
  2. I got the church nursery schedule for May and June. We are not on it.


  1. I can't even express to you how excited I am to hear those words!

    You will like not being "involved" for a season.... but then a new season will begin..

    I love the kids pictures! Give 'em a squeeze!

    love ,

  2. i still have to think about my address when i write it...san diego!! good luck with the preparations.

    oh, and per facebook status...i totally recommend abf upack pod services. we were so happy with our moving experiences and have heard other people who were equally as happy as we were.