August 6, 2009

Stone Zoo: two thumbs up!

There are two zoos in the Boston area. One is south of the city and the other north. Many find it quite strange that such a big and popular tourist city doesn't have a large, impressive zoo. But, so it is. The two zoos are quite different from one another in size, collection, and landscape. And after visiting the Stone Zoo again yesterday, I've decided it is definitely my favorite of the two. Here's why:

It's very wooded - plenty of shade
It's small - easy for kids to walk the whole place.
Some shots of the landscaping.

They don't have the "big" animals, but they do have an interesting collection.
Below: mini-goats, wolves, bald eagle, porcupines, flamingos, owl.
Can you spot the baby flamingos?

Now they have some new exhibits: bears and monkeys.
I only got pictures of the bears, but how cool?!
They walk up right in front of you;
and they're only three, so they're very playful.

You can also pack up a lunch or snacks
and find a table in the shade to dine and enjoy the surrounding wildlife.
These tables overlook a small pond, home to ducks and turtles.
(And the monkeys are swinging off to the right!)

The last plus for us, is that from where we live it's closer than the Frankin Park Zoo and has an adequate parking lot.

As a mom of small children, Stone Zoo gets my stamp of approval for it's walk-ability, beauty, and interesting, fun animal variety. Of course, there's more to it than I've posted here, so you'll have to go check it out for yourself! (If you live in the area and have a library card, check to see if your local library has discounted passes.)


  1. i only went to franklin park, and was not terribly impressed at the time. it sounds like i just picked the wrong zoo!

    come on out to san diego and i'll take you all to the san diego zoo or the wild animal park!!

  2. I've heard such good things about the SD Zoo. If we're ever out there, you can be sure we'll hang out with you!

  3. Sarah, we went to the Stone Zoo! Those porcupines are really awesome. They were my favorite.

    We love Franklin Park, but that's because it's about 10 minutes from our house. It's not as nicely landscaped as Stone Zoo, but they do have some bigger animals - Christopher the Lion puts on quite a show!