August 29, 2009

Strep Throat

This morning, after calling the doctor to see if I should go in, I went to Emergency to have a strep test. While we were in Pittsburgh, my nephew was diagnosed with it, so after a 1.5 day, worsening sore throat I needed to have it checked out. Thankfully it's Saturday and rainy: Colin was free to watch the kids and the ER was very empty. I only paid for 1 hr of parking. Nice.

As a bonus for having strep for the first time in decades, I'm taking my first Z-pack. So that's kinda cool.

Right now I'm going between freezing and feeling really hot. It's so strange to have a legitimate illness. It's been a while.

Please pray that no one else gets it! I'll be home today and tomorrow to avoid infecting anyone else. Things could spread fast in our community....

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