August 19, 2009

Rough and Tumble

Brian looks like this tonight:

He fell yesterday and cracked the left side of his forehead on the asphalt and did the same again this afternoon in the center of his head. He really wants to run, but his upper body gets going a little faster than his chubby legs can carry him ... and over he goes!

As you can see, he's taking it pretty hard! What are we going to do with this boy?!

(Grandparents, this post is mostly for you, so you're not too alarmed when you see him this weekend!)


  1. This post is so funny!!!!! You think he has enough personality? :) Can't wait to spend time with this little guy.

  2. Poor baby! Dex keeps bonking his head too, we're bloody lip galore at our house.

  3. helments, elbow and knee pads, and only running when both shoe laces are double knotted so they can't come undone. but what fun would that be?