August 15, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

Last weekend my folks came for a quick visit, arriving Friday morning and departing Sunday evening. We had a great time visiting with them! Friday we left Colin home and headed up to Salem Willows Park after Brian's morning nap. If you're in the area and you can go up for a visit, I highly recommend it. There are rides for little ones, arcades for older kids and adults, yummy treats, and beaches. It's delightful and beautiful! I didn't get any great pictures this time, but it was as beautiful as I'd remembered it.

That evening we took advantage of "Hot Grill Night" here at our complex. The Executive Committee gets the coals going and anyone can bring their meat and cook it. This happens every Friday night Memorial Day to Labor Day. We enjoyed introducing neighbors to my parents. And I have no pictures of said interactions.

Saturday we went to the Museum of Science, parking at the Cambridge Side Galleria. The hotel where my parents were staying was in between, so we got to swing by and see it too. The Hotel Marlowe, an interesting place with lots of leopard print and the Declaration of Independence on the room curtains. They "Hotwired" it and got a great deal for Boston in August. The fountain below is in front of the Galleria. The video is in the kids discovery center at the museum. (Anyone know how to make it rotate? It's rotated in our photo program, but uploads sideways.)

In the afternoon, my dad, Elizabeth, and I went for a swim at a free local pool . That evening we went to "the moose restaurant," Bugaboo Creek Steak House. They have a lot of animal heads and antlers on the walls, like a lodge. But some of them are fake and animated, talking now and then throughout the evening. There's also a talking pine tree when you first walk in. It's a funny place, and the food is good. (Except the steak tips. they're terrible.) And if you have a birthday meal there, apparently a large moose puppet sings happy birthday to you (last photo.)

No pictures from Sunday: church, lunch, took it easy while Brian napped. Am I forgetting anything?

Thanks for visiting mommy and papa/grandma and grandpa! We're so glad that you came and that we share these memories together.


  1. wow! seems like you really packed it in! the rides in salem look a lot like some of the carnival rides that h went on last week. what fun!

    no idea how to rotate videos, but i have tried with no success before. jeff is notorious for taking video the wrong way!

    i went to bugaboo for my bday and no puppet...not that i'm sad, but maybe they only do it for kids?

  2. looks like fun! the picture of brian in the chair looks so much like you!

    those darn videos -- i haven't been able to figure out how to rotate them, but if i do, i'll let you know...