November 21, 2012

Colossians {Day 21}

Oh boy, there's not much of this day left now at 11:40pm!  The activities of the day before a holiday and devoting time to relationships can really make the hours fly by, can't they?

So for this evening, I'm going to pause and get a little introspective.  I have noticed of late an increased sensitivity to some of my signature sins: pride, jugementalism, complaining, impatience.  I don't think I'm really worse than before, the Spirit's simply been making me more aware.  You wanna know why I think that is?

If you do, keep reading.  If you don't care, go to bed, because it is late and you should totally be sleeping a not reading a blog at this hour!

Seriously though.  I think the Word is doing this to me.  Spending extra time examining the Scriptures, specifically Colossians, and seeing the grandeur of  Christ: His holiness, His power, His infinite-ness, His humility and obedience.  Focusing, as Paul wanted the Colossians to do, on Truth, on the Word, on the Cross, is shaking me.  It's good, but strange.

I've started to wonder about my priorities, too.  Why do I do what I do?  Why don't I share this beautiful, amazing, blessed Savior with more people?  How can our family make intentional moves to impact the world for Christ, one widow, orphan, or alien at a time?

I need to grow in repentance.  I hate admitting to God (or anyone, ask my husband) that I've been in the wrong.  But you know what?  This time in Colossians (and also currently in Ezekiel and Hebrews in my daily readings) is making me WANT to grow in repentance.

I need to choose God's priorities.  I'm addicted to my own comfort, peace, happiness, etc.  But you know what?  This time in Colossians (and the other books) is making me WANT to move in His direction.

I was thinking to myself today about posting a Facebook status update that read:

Heather Ashe is a woman strong character ... flaws.

That's the truth about me.

BUT, it's the truth about Christ that can change me.  Nothing but that truth.  The same goes for you, friend.

Is Colossians messing with you too?  I hope so, because it is GOOD when the Lord shakes us up by His Word.

Peace, friends.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. can't wait to get my hand on that little turkey!!

    great day, looks like!!