May 1, 2012

Photo Assault!

Elizabeth just said this morning, "I'm so happy we get to have a baby in our family."
Me too, my dear.  Me too.

We recently created a school room in our house.
It's still under organization, but it has been wonderful to have a school space that is NOT the kitchen table.

The weather has been calling us outside more; I love spring!
You can hardly tell from these pictures that we live in the city, right?!  :)

We love being near Schenley Park; we even discovered a new path to our house on this Sunday outing.

More baby!

Yesterday we resumed our end of the month field trip routine for realz, spending 4 hours at the Children's Museum!
I've gotta take advantage of the few more months I have of this little one being able to nap here:

I feel all warm an fuzzy inside when I see anything Mr. Rogers.
There are pieces of his legacy all over the museum.

Andrea and Annabelle (new friends!) joined us for the outing.

Today as I drove along in my minivan, I thought to myself, I really love being a mother of three.  Little Katherine has only been with us 2.5 months, but none of us could imagine life without her.  Amazing how easily and naturally a new family member is assimilated, isn't it?


  1. i love all the photos!! and as a mom of three, i agree that i can' imagine life any different :)

  2. So glad we could join you! Next time I'll look up for the picture. :)

    1. Yeah, I kinda sneaked that photo; I hope you don't mind that I posted it!

  3. You are makin' it look easy girl. Glad to see that Elizabeth has attained her pink belt in karate. :) Wish you were here...


    1. Well, if I'm making it look easy, I owe it all to Katherine being total sweetness and my bro and sister-in-law for recommending Baby Wise ... over all that, of course, is God's kindness through them. Those two things have made this the most easy new-baby experience yet. I don't know when we'll next be up to Boston, but you're always welcome here! :)

  4. Oh my, I love all the pics. I really love the one of E peeking from behind the telephone her. And there is really nothing cuter than a thumb-sucking baby. Love you guys!