May 23, 2011

Three Signs that Summer is at Hand!

1. Yesterday Brian and I had some Rita's I-talian ice, and sat in the shade to beat the heat ... a little.

2. I felt it was finally safe to plant things in our mini garden plot today.  I know nothing about gardening and have low hopes for our "crops."  But it is fun to dig in the dirt and watch things grow!
itty-bitty zinnias

itty-bitty carrots

Now we've just got to get a weed whacker
for the rest of the space!

3. This afternoon, Elizabeth asked about getting out our sprinkler elephant.  I wanted to say no, but had no good reason not to give it a shot.  I'm glad she suggested it; they had a blast!

It's not officially summer yet, but these last few days have me looking forward to it!

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