May 14, 2011

A Buncha Stuff

Um, yeah, Park Week wore me out!  Yesterday, instead of a park we went down to the convention center to pick up my race packet for the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay that I'm running in tomorrow morning.  I will be helping our five-person team, Run Ragged, by running 18% of the marathon.  Hopefully I'll have a photo I can post up here!

I'd never been to the new convention center (that opened in 2003.)  It's in a wonderful location with a beautiful waterfall lined ramp to walk through in the middle down to the Allegheny River's edge.  This location will be added to places we go when friends come to visit, at least when it's warm enough for the waterfalls to be flowing.  Again, I didn't have my camera, but here's someone else's photo for you to enjoy.

We added a quick trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Festival this week as well, to catch a free carousel ride and petting zoo.  I DID take my camera on that outing!


This final photo's impact is obscured by the water in the tub, but you can see a bit of the results of Park Week on the kids' legs.  I think one could argue that they used the play time well!

Have a good weekend!

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