May 31, 2011

One New Niece + One Holiday Weekend = Photos, but No Time to Post

My first ever niece was born on Friday!
(I do have a sweet crew of nephews, but it is fun for E to have another girl in the cousin posse.)
Introducing: Iris Corine

The kids got their passports.  Colin joked that if ours don't arrive, we'll still be sending the kids to Northern Ireland in July with their grandparents.  I'm sure we'd find some way to use those two weeks alone!

Sunday afternoon we picnicked with Colin's folks and friends.
The adults enjoyed food and being sedentary in the heat while the kids tore it up on the slip 'n slide!

  Monday morning E and I ran in a 5K in my hometown that my brother had invited us to run with him and his son, Wyatt.  So fun!  This was a first for Elizabeth and she clocked 37:24.  It was beastly hot, even at 8:30am, but we all survived and my parents treated us to a wonderful brunch at their house afterward.

The crew of little runners in their award t-shirts!

Cousins clearing a large branch from my parent's yard.

Iris with her eyes open!

My dad took us for ice cream (right before dinner, yeah!)  It was hot in the place and things melted fast.  Brian has yet to learn the art of neat ice cream eating. 

 As for the other two, they did fine, though we have other things to work on.  E and Wyatt were the two that placed first in the race for the boys and girls 11 and under, and as they got into the backseat of the van to go home from ice-creaming, Elizabeth said, "This is where the champions sit."

Humble pie, anyone?

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
We're kinda melting here in Pittsburgh....


  1. GREAT PICS and Documentary!
    It was a great weekend. Even "cooking" outdoors--without the grill.

  2. congratulations! glad you guys had a good weekend!

  3. I love the "This is where the champions sit." Way to go, E and Wyatt!