May 10, 2011

Park Week!

This mom declared it Park Week in honor of the amazing weather.  Each day we are visiting a different park we have never been to or have not been to recently.  Naturally, I've neglected to take my camera either place we've visited so far.  Here's what we've done.

Birmingham Bridge in background
Day 1: afternoon visit to the by Ormsby field in the South Side, adjacent to the Birmingham Bridge.  We've seen this little park on a couple of trips over to the South Side and have wanted to check it out.  Challenges here: one parent using inappropriate words with (her own) and around the young children playing); one child  calling a girl Elizabeth was playing with "dumb as a donkey" several times in a mocking tone; leaving early because Elizabeth's foot started feeling like it was "splitting in half" because of the overuse of cheap flip-flops lately.  (She wore supportive shoes today for soccer and was fine; phew!)

Day 2: morning visit to the Allegheny Commons Park on the North Side where we met up with Hilary and Miles to play, picnic, and enjoy the sunshine.  The sunshine did not disappoint!  Nor did the ducks who are practically tame - so many folks feed must them they expect it and swim toward people on the banks of the pond.  And the company was lovely.  Challenges here:  Brian wet his pants; Brian disobeyed and soaked his spare pants in the pond water.  He was really unfazed by both, but since we weren't heading home afterward, I had to pick up some shorts for him at St. Vincent de Paul's.  This all worked out really, because it was 1/2 off kids stuff day; I scored three (very much needed) pairs of shorts for Elizabeth too!

Reflections on "Park Week" thus far:
  • Elizabeth will need to wear supportive shoes all summer.
  • Living in the city means being near people who are different from you; I'm just glad I can be available to answer my kids' questions when they arise and that Jesus loved me while I was still a sinner - so I can call behaviors wrong, not the people.
  • Remember to take Brian to the bathroom.
  • I'm thankful that Elizabeth has not had to encounter much meanness from peers ... yet.
  • Allegheny Commons is BEAUTIFUL and I could will go there at least once a week this summer: small playgrounds, open green space, pond with bridges and an island, train tracks (for the boy!), Hilary and family near enough to join us, beautiful north side architecture, and the aviary.
  • Take along extra clothes for all on the above mentioned visits.

I don't know how the weather is where you are; but if you live in a place where it's grey for a while, when you see multiple days of sunshine and warm temps in the forecast, I highly recommend declaring a Park Week.

Tomorrow it's the all-wood playground in Highland Park!  You in?


  1. I'm going to have to stop working!

  2. Sounds fun!! We to are out and about exploring the parks and other outdoor places in our new city this week!! With how crazy our life is I was forgetting to take Melina to the potty and she was having to much fun to stop and tell me she had to go. I got her a potty watch on Amazon($9.00) and it was the best money spent!!!! You can set it for every 30, 60 or 90 minutes and them it flashes lights and plays music. She loved it and took to it immediately. Check it out if you need a little extra help.