April 16, 2011

A Week at Home

I anticipated taking it easy this week, after a weekend away involving lots of activity, late bedtimes, and new scenery.  Thus, I was prepared to move slowly and ease back in.  To accommodate the plan, both kids got sick.  I had the privilege of serving both of them by cleaning vomit, pee, and poop out of the carpet, (fortunately only one time for each bodily emission!)

Elizabeth was only sick for a day.  Do you kids have sickness patterns?  Mine do.  Elizabeth is usually laid out for a full day and back to normal the next.  Brian's my fever boy; that's how his body fights illnesses.  He's on fever day three, but appears to be on the mend.

I did not teach her to do this, but she is related to me;
sorting m&ms by color could be hereditary.

This boy LOVES mazes!  I got this wipe-off book at Target and he does them repeatedly.
Elizabeth taught him to do each maze with his finger before doing it with a marker.

We did get to some school work, played in the back yard, tilled up some soil, and had a picnic on the porch.  I sneaked out for separate trips (alone!) to the grocery store, Target, and the hairdressers.  Much TV has been watched, as well!  Honestly, I enjoyed having an empty, quiet week.  I got a little "spring cleaning fever" myself and have been trying to get some things organized around here.  I came back from the retreat with renewed vigor to make our home beautiful, and though I have no natural ability at this, I'm going to give Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking a read and go from there!

How was your week?

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  1. I know what it's like when the kids aren't completely well, but aren't *really* ill... that wound down feeling of taking it easy and just enjoying being together. Nice...

    As for the homemaking - it doesn't come naturally to me either, so maybe I ought to read this book too. I would love to be inspired in this...