April 6, 2011

You Know Your Team is Bad When ...

you get a note like this from a sales guy after purchasing tickets to two games:

Despite the embarrassingly large number of losing seasons, we will be at opening day tomorrow.  And we will cheer for our hometown team until they are again champs.

Right now they're 3 and 2.  We usually start the season as hopeful fans.

Maybe even the only fans ... 



  1. Hey, they have a better record than the Red Sox at this point!!!
    So cool you went to opening day! The view from those seats is amazing!
    Can't wait to hug you!
    (Won't be there til tomorrow morning, though)
    Love you!

  2. See you then, Kit! I'm so excited about how many people I get to hug. :)

    You can get that view of Pittsburgh for only $16 a seat. crazy, isn't it?! but you're not guaranteed a win. :)