March 23, 2011

Sally's Series on Parenting

Sally Clarkson has started a blog series on parenting.  She's only two articles in, so you can jump in and catch up quickly.  She's writing in response to many questions that she got about this post called "First Time Obedience, Really?"

There are a lot of formulas out there for how to best raise your kids, even good-hearted Christian formulas.  Sally is refreshing because she doesn't offer any formulas beyond looking to our Savior and discipling (read that right discipling) our kids, not just punishing the bad behavior out of them without training their hearts.  She talks in this post about how discipleship relationships take a lot of time;  this was her first response to the comments on the First Time Obedience post.

Now she's officially begun a series!  The first two posts:
Our home has been changed as God is working on my heart, giving me patience and thoughtfulness in the rearing of my children, rather than trying to keep surface peace without reaching the hearts of my kids.  I love them more, love being with them more, trust my Father with them (and me!) more.  Sally's words of grace, encouragement, and warning have played a huge roll in this process.

May Sally's words be a blessing to you as you train and instruct your children.  Keep up the good work as you shape the next generation in this great and marvelous call God's given you!

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