July 19, 2010


We've begun week #2 of the "summer routine". I don't know your personality, but mine needs some structure. Since having kids, I've learned that you can't have too strict of a personal schedule. But, it is helpful for me and them to have a general routine each week. Kids over 4 or so benefit from knowing that we won't go swimming today but it's on the schedule for X day. You know what I mean?

Right now our "main events" look like this:

Monday - park & library in the morning / afternoon swim
Tuesday - mommy work-out at gym in the morning, rest of the day free
Wednesday - church playgroup in the morning / Grammy is home from work
Thursday - mommy work out and trip to museum or zoo in the morning / afternoon laundry
Friday - groceries in the morning (they have the cool car carts!) / afternoon swim

As you can see, most of our time is free and all of these activities can be easily moved around if other plans arise. I also like having fun and work in the schedule, so I know there is a time when the clothes will be washed and when we will restock the refrigerator!

Here are some photos from last week's trip to the Children's Museum, because what's a post without some photos?! We missed the Curious George exhibit when it was in Boston and were delighted to see billboards announcing that it's now in Pittsburgh! It was the first stop in our visit.

(I like the juxtaposition of
the antique pump and the contemporary car.)

While there, I totally got photobombed by my Son;
must be an effect of the museum!

Do you have a summer routine or do you think that's an oxymoron? What are the highlights of your week?


  1. I tend to binge when summer comes. Fill up on fun activities, most of them outside, and then realize with a disappointing crash on Sunday night that another week is starting and we have nothing in the house to eat. Maybe now that I'll be spending less time at work there will be room for the fun activities and the grocery shopping during the week!

  2. love the smart car! my kids need activities -- they go bonkers at home for too long. which is why i could always be found walking around the streets of cambridge come rain, shine, snow or sleet! maybe as they get older and are more self-sufficient we can try for more "lazy summer days."