July 1, 2010

Getting a Little More Independent

Two experiences in the last week or so that have revealed to me how my kids are growing up:

1. Brian usually begins the day with a television show, so I asked him one morning if he'd like to watch Elmo. It's a favorite and I was sure he'd say, "yeah." Instead he said, "Pooh." So I put on an episode of Tigger & Pooh and he was quite happy. He's not a baby anymore. He knows what he wants and sometimes even asks rather than whining!

2. It was pretty late one morning and I was surprised Elizabeth hadn't gotten up yet. So I went up to check on her. The door was closed, but the light was on. I didn't disturb her and imagined she was getting dressed. (She's been pretty excited for VBS and gotten dressed upon waking most days.)

A good while passed and she still hadn't come down stairs. So, I took a peek into her room. She was sitting up in bed, fully dressed for the day, reading a book to herself - making up a story to go with the pictures. And she didn't hear me open the door, because the fan was on, so I was able to admire her "grown-up-ness" for a little while. I was so excited for her and touched by this moment of independence she was enjoying.


  1. Isn't it fun to see the individuality in a younger sibling emerge? I feel like for so long they follow their older sibling until they realize their personal likes and dislikes. And hearing about Elizabeth dressing herself and entertaining herself makes me both anxious for that day to come, and hesitant to see my babies so grown up!

  2. And one day, dear Heather, they will not only get themselves dressed, but fix their own breakfast, put the dishes where they belong, brush their teeth and and tell you they KNOW how to get ready so plese stop telling them. And when that day comes, you will stop and wonder where the time went and why they didn't fix you breakfast too. Do something fun today and make sure to take pictures!