June 15, 2010

We're Here!

On Saturday, June 12 we arrived in Pittsburgh, our new home. I shot some pictures on my way through town that I'll post once our computer stuff is set up.

Our families met us when we arrived. We're living at Colin's parent's house, so that was easy. And my family drove down to help us unload. As they say many hands make light work, so things went quickly. (Thanks, all!) Gladys had a great dinner spread for us to eat after unloading. Then the men took what needed to go to storage over to our unit while we women stayed behind and tried to get our stuff into manageable order. For the record, there's still a lot to do!

So, we are here. God protected us on our journey with a truck that had weak breaks and loose steering - thanks for driving, Malcolm! - and our 10-year-old van that we sometimes fear will quit on us unexpectedly. He's heard our prayers for smooth transitions for the kids, as well. They are handling all of the unpacking and change beautifully and were real troopers in the car. And Colin and I still like each other - phew! I am thankful.

I'm WAY behind on posts. I'm looking forward to settling into our new normal and getting back into sharing with you!

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  1. Welcome to your new home town! So glad that you all made it safely and still on good terms with each other ;) Enjoy settling in and finding a home of your own!