June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

This post is going to have too many pictures! Our Memorial Day began with a trip to Target to replenish our packing tape and bubble wrap supplies, among other things. Then the kids and I went to the Cambridge parade with our friends Azilah, Leilani, and Alana, while Colin stayed home and worked on packing up the Command Center. After naptime, we went over to Chris and Jenny's for some burgers and fun. It was hard to leave; everyone went to bed late. It was a delightful day!

Playing at the park before the parade began.

It's coming!

Dylan and Becky were in the parade!

Anticipating the firetrucks at the end of the parade.

The city was shrouded in smoke
that the winds brought in from some fires in Canada!

the adults
Jenny is a funny girl!

the swing

the kids

the menfolk

the princess

the most patient dog in the world


  1. I can't even read/look at your pictures and blog without tears in my eyes. We are so excited that you will all be home... but leaving all your dear friends there... wow! Take a breath and try to enjoy every minute.... as it looks like you are.


  2. what a great weekend...a taste of boston, some time with good friends...couldn't get any better!

    hope packing goes quickly and smoothly!

  3. It was such a treat to have you over for a good ole fashioned BBQ on Memorial day. The late bedtimes (and subsequent whining) were worth it!

    ps. Maisy humbly accepts her "Most Patient Dog in the World" award. Thank you for bestowing it upon her!