June 6, 2010

Christ the King - Cambridge

For the last seven years we have attended Christ the King - Cambridge. If you are ever in the Boston area looking for a church, please visit. The gospel is proclaimed, the Bible is taught, and growth is inevitable.

This morning, we'll attend for the last time as residents of Cambridge. Sometimes I wonder if God's whole purpose in brining us here was to get us to this church and exposed to reformed theology. Of course, God can have many purposes in the journeys on which He takes us, and it's unlikely this was His only reason for bringing us here. I just sure am grateful that we had the privilege of Rick's preaching and dedicated leadership for so many years. Thanks, God!

What's a post without pictures?

Elizabeth's baptism, 2004

Brian's baptism, 2008


  1. thinking of you this morning. . .two years after we had our last Sunday at CTK, we still think of our community there every day. We often listen to Rick's sermons and my heart swells just hearing his voice and remembering. It is an amazing church and we miss it very much. Glad to have been there with you!

  2. totally agree with kristen...it is an amazing community and an amazing church...saying good-bye to CTK and the family there is something that jeff and i still talk about all the time. we listen to sermons online too, and talk about the deep teachings that take place there.