March 12, 2010

Inside and Outside

A little morning coloring tutorial from Brian.

Step 1: choose a color wisely

Step 2: remove any debris from the coloring surface
(e.g. your sister's arm)

Step 3: create!

We've been outside a lot this week. We've discovered that these little mats are great for picnicking.

The kids have been delighted to spend so much time outdoors. Mom, too!


  1. love the swing picture!! i can tell that they are happy to be outside without a ton of snow gear on!! and i love elizabeth's glasses...she would fit in great in california! :)

  2. Heh.. the tractor at the zoo? Well, today i went to the Penn Hills lawn and garden store to get grass seed and guess what they just put inside the store?? The same 1953 Ford tractor! Even the same paint job and in great condition! What a coincidence!
    Looks like you had a ball at the zoo!